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Animation depicting four gridded, daily time series from the ECCO V4r4 data products
ECCO V4r4 datasets daily animation over the period from 1992 to 2018. Credit: NASA JPL PO.DAAC
Animation depicting four gridded, daily time series from the ECCO V4r4 data products
ECCO V4r4 datasets daily animation over the period from 1992 to 2018. Credit: NASA JPL PO.DAAC
 Public Release of ECCO Version 4 release 4 (V4r4)
[27-Apr-2021] The PO.DAAC is pleased to announce the public release of the ECCO Version 4 release 4 (V4r4) ocean and sea-ice state estimates. Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean (ECCO) ocean and sea-ice state estimates are dynamically and kinematically-consistent reconstructions of the three-dimensional, time-evolving ocean, sea-ice, and surface atmospheric states (ECCO Consortium, 2021). More information regarding the ECCO project is available from PO.DAAC's mission webpage.
The ECCO V4r4 datasets provide global coverage over the period from 1992 to 2018 at daily, monthly, and snapshot (instantaneous) time intervals. This release consists of 79 datasets represented on the ECCO "Lat-Lon-Cap" 90 (LLC90) native model grid and a 0.5 degree latitude-longitude interpolated grid (05DEG), and a 1-D global time series. The nominal spatial resolution of the LLC90 datasets is 1 degree latitude-by-longitude, as referenced at the Equator, with finer grid resolutions at higher latitudes due to the grid projection (Forget et al., 2015).
Three-dimensional data products include temperature, salinity, and velocity; volume, temperature, salinity, fluxes; seawater density, stratification, and hydrostatic pressure; and parameterized eddy fluxes. Two-dimensional data products include sea level anomaly, ocean mixed layer thickness, ocean bottom pressure anomaly, net freshwater flux, net heat flux, shortwave radiative flux, net salt flux, and ocean surface stress. Additionally, 2D sea-ice data products include concentration and thickness, air/sea-ice/ocean heat and freshwater fluxes, and horizontal advective volume fluxes.
This release also includes four one-dimensional data products providing global mean dynamic sea level anomaly, barystatic and sterodynamic sea level components, global mean atmospheric pressure, and Special Bureau for the Oceans (SBO) core products. All datasets are formatted in netCDF version 4 file format and adhere to the metadata specifications of CF version 1.8, ACDD version 1.3, and ISO-8601.
This release represents the first PO.DAAC cloud-native data publication, in which these data are exclusively available in NASA's Earthdata Cloud infrastructure through AWS, including both HTTPS access and direct S3 access in the "us-west-2" AWS region. Additional services are provided by the Harmony API, featuring direct conversion of netCDF to the cloud-optimized Zarr format. These datasets are described and discoverable via the PO.DAAC and NASA Earthdata Search dataset information pages in the following DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers).


Citation of each dataset will be inclusive of the respective DOI (see below) using the following citation template: ECCO Consortium, Fukumori, I., Wang, O., Fenty, I., Forget, G., Heimbach, P., & Ponte, R. M.. 2021. <Dataset Title> (Version 4 Release 4). PO.DAAC, CA, USA. Dataset accessed [YYYY-MM-DD] at https ://<DOI Suffix>
ECCO Atmosphere Surface Temperature, Humidity, Wind, and Pressure
10.5067/ECG5D-ATM44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-ATM44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-ATM44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-ATM44
ECCO Gent-McWilliams Ocean Bolus Velocity
10.5067/ECG5D-BOL44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-BOL44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-BOL44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-BOL44
ECCO Ocean Density, Stratification, and Hydrostatic Pressure
10.5067/ECG5D-ODE44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-ODE44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-ODE44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-ODE44
ECCO Ocean and Sea-Ice Surface Freshwater Fluxes
10.5067/ECG5D-FRE44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-FRE44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-FRE44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-FRE44
ECCO Global Mean Atmospheric Pressure
ECCO Global Mean Sea Level
10.5067/ECTSD-MSL44 | 10.5067/ECTSM-MSL44
ECCO Ocean and Sea-Ice Surface Heat Fluxes
10.5067/ECG5D-HEA44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-HEA44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-HEA44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-HEA44
ECCO Ocean Mixed Layer Depth
10.5067/ECG5D-OML44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-OML44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-OML44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-OML44
ECCO Ocean Bottom Pressure
10.5067/ECG5D-OBP44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-OBP44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-OBP44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-OBP44 | 10.5067/ECL5S-OBP44
ECCO Ocean Three-Dimensional Momentum Tendency
10.5067/ECL5D-3MT44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-3MT44
ECCO Ocean Three-Dimensional Salinity Fluxes
10.5067/ECL5D-3SF44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-3SF44
ECCO Ocean Three-Dimensional Potential Temperature Fluxes
10.5067/ECL5D-3TF44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-3TF44
Ocean Three-Dimensional Volume Fluxes
10.5067/ECL5D-3VF44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-3VF44
ECCO Gent-McWilliams Bolus Transport Streamfunction
10.5067/ECL5D-STF44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-STF44
ECCO Ocean Velocity
10.5067/ECG5D-OVE44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-OVE44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-OVE44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-OVE44
ECCO SBO Core Products
ECCO Sea-Ice and Snow Concentration and Thickness
10.5067/ECG5D-ICO44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-ICO44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-ICO44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-ICO44 | 10.5067/ECL5S-ICO44
ECCO Sea-Ice and Snow Horizontal Volume Fluxes
10.5067/ECL5D-SIH44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-SIH44
ECCO Sea-Ice Salt Plume Fluxes
10.5067/ECL5D-ISP44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-ISP44
ECCO Sea-Ice Velocity
10.5067/ECG5D-SIV44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-SIV44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-SIV44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-SIV44 | 10.5067/ECL5S-SIV44
ECCO Sea Surface Height
10.5067/ECG5D-SSH44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-SSH44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-SSH44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-SSH44 | 10.5067/ECL5S-SSH44
ECCO Ocean and Sea-Ice Surface Stress
10.5067/ECG5D-STR44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-STR44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-STR44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-STR44
ECCO Ocean Temperature and Salinity
10.5067/ECG5D-OTS44 | 10.5067/ECG5M-OTS44 | 10.5067/ECL5D-OTS44 | 10.5067/ECL5M-OTS44 | 10.5067/ECL5S-OTS44
ECCO Geometry Parameters for the 0.5 degree Lat-Lon Model Grid
10.5067/ECG5A-GRD44 | 10.5067/ECL5A-GRD44
ECCO Ocean 3D Gent-Mcwilliams, Redi, and Background Vertical Diffusivity Coefficients for the 0.5 degree Lat-Lon Model Grid
10.5067/ECG5A-MIX44 | 10.5067/ECL5A-MIX44


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