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ECCO Central Production Version 4 Release 4

Authors: Fukumori, I., Wang, O., Fenty, I., Forget, G., Heimbach, P., and Ponte, R.M.


ECCO Version 4 release 4 (V4r4), covering the period 1992-2017, represents ECCO's latest ocean state estimate. This product is an updated edition to that described by Forget et al. (2015, Geosci. Model Dev.). Version 4 is the first multi-decadal ECCO estimate that is truly global, including the Arctic Ocean. The Release 4 edition includes improvements in time-period (1992-2017), model (e.g., sea-ice), observations (e.g., GRACE, Aquarius), and constraints (e.g., correlated errors).


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ECCO Version 4 Release 4 Dataset
ECCO Consortium, 2019: ECCO Central Estimate Version 4 Release 4. Retrieved from [to be specified by user].
ECCO Version 4 Release 4 Synopsis
ECCO Consortium, 2019: ECCO Version 4 Release 4 Synopsis PDF (863 KB) »
ECCO Version 4 Description
Forget, G., J.-M. Campin, P. Heimbach, C. N. Hill, R. M. Ponte, and C. Wunsch, 2015: ECCO version 4: An integrated framework for non-linear inverse modeling and global ocean state estimation. Geoscientific Model Development, 8, 3071-3104, doi:10.5194/gmd-8-3071-2015. View »

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Period: Jan 1992 - Dec 2017
Grid & Resolution: LLC90 (1 deg)
Domain: Global
Variable: Ocean State (temperature, salinity, velocity, sea level, bottom pressure), Fluxes (temperature, salt, volume)
Temporal Resolution: Monthly, Daily, Hourly
Data Used: Satellite Altimetry, ARGO, GRACE, Aquarius, CTD, XBT
Type of Estimation: Adjoint
Data Format(s): NetCDF, Binary
Version: Release 4
Contact Person: Ian Fenty, Ichiro Fukumori, Ou Wang
Last Updated Date: October 24, 2019

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Example of the fidelity of ECCO to observations
Click on the image to view an example of the fidelity of ECCO to observations.
Global mean time-series of sea level and ocean bottom pressure (in equivalent sea level) of V4r4 in comparison to observations
Global mean time-series of sea level and ocean bottom pressure (in equivalent sea level) of V4r4 in comparison to observations.